This is so good I'm crying laughing, @mattherron you've done it again

(From the strange cultlike page of 7 questions that we changed)

Hermes: [points] I'm...
Dionysus: [shoves Hermes in the mud] Nice try, fucko.

I'm frankly a little scared by how difficult it is for me to actually bring myself to eat bananas. I have them in the house and I like eating them, but I NEVER do and I NEVER will!

Just got a leak on Joe Biden's presidential campaign slogan: "Biden 2020: The Less (?) Shitty Out of Touch Old White Dude". Weird that the put the question mark on there, but I guess that's why I'm not a campaign manager. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I may not be funny, handsome or likable, but I am... ::furiously checks notepad:: Mead Five Star.

Me: ::clicks on hashtag link from a post::

Mastodon: No one has ever used that hashtag

Me: How would i have been able to click on the hashtag if no posts have ever used it?

Mastodon: ::cuts off oxygen to my room::

@actualgarbage Night Dentist! Check it and see! Checks on my hygiene status orally!

Speaking of podcasts, the best time to promote mine is 11:30 on a Tuesday night, so:

Do you like 3 friends talking? About a randomly picked Fandom Wiki? Except not really that at all, but just whatever we want to talk about? Do you, like me, refuse to listen to podcasts that will teach you anything? Well,

Hack the Net 006 – Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki

(Disclaimer- we did 150 episodes before we changed formats, this is not a new podcast)

If conservatives are so against public ownership, how come they are willing to continually inflict massive amounts of self-harm to publicly own the libs?

@mattherron This isn't quite true but it updated anyway, so everything's probably fine

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was naming that game 7 Minutes in Heaven so that teens should forever associate divine paradise with finger blasting. Good job, the devil.

Everyone: Here's that meme where it's done as dialogue.
Me: I don't think I know how to use that meme very well.

@​Atenderwitch@​ buy Liah's art, I did it but I played games as a daisy

Controversial opinion: every video game is 10 hours too long.

@Louisa It's a shame it's cold out, or you'd have a recipe for one of life's sweetest experiences- the on-the-clock car nap!

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