New unraveled inspired me to make a new deep thought gif because it's very good.

Visiting the largest Tiffany stained glass object in the world today, nbd.

Made a unicorn birthday cake for a 94 year old woman today, how's your new year going?

This is what my friends decided about me at tonight's game night. I do like nuts!

Netflix: who is in charge of naming your series and how can we get them to stop?

By the way I saw the wienermobile yesterday, so who's the real patriot?

I'm just saying that by calling your dumb, archaic, backwards movement pro-life, you've made us anti-life, and that opens the door to some pretty great DC universe images if we just embrace it.

Guys, what do you call it when something is both an obvious crime against humanity and also somehow pretty fucking good?

In case anyone cares, here's a picture of my fiance and I dressed as Olaf and Esme from A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix at a party this weekend. I never thought I'd find someone as willing to do too much work for a costume party as I am.

I can't wait to get home from my work trip to THE FUCKING MOON APPARENTLY!

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