Made a joke on today's podcast recording that made me laugh so hard I thought I would puke. So that's a first.

My research shows that we white Americans discovered about 40 years ago that food didn't *have* to have disgusting things in it. So why oh why am I still burdened with CELERY IN SOUP you monsters?

Marie Kondo should be the villain if they ever make Toy Story 4

I think we're all forgetting the true victims of our collective demonizing of pieces of shit - the pieces of shit! Am I right? Anyone?

@mattherron DC always take them in that weird opposite direction, though, I bet Mr Chimp has some kind of substance abuse problem and/or has been through multiple divorces.

My podcast cohost @mattherron has changed his name to one of our sweatpants slogan ideas, others include "MOIST" and "I'm With Stupid ⬆️"

About to record a podcast ep, after 150 episodes of Seeing Red(dit) we've reformatted because we hate Reddit

We are now Hack the Net, if you want to hear 3 friends discuss fan wikis, tell me if you listen please, thank you ✨

I can't wait to get home from my work trip to THE FUCKING MOON APPARENTLY!

Does it make me a bigot if any time I find out someone is queer I instantly think they are way cooler and more likely to be fun to hang out with?

A group of harsh-faced old white men dressed in black foaming at the mouth with adoration for a racist while across the aisle a diverse group of youthful women look like disapproving angels in pure white is a little on the nose, even in these on the nose times...

♣️🎶Two of Clubs
Two clubs that beat as one🎶♣️

Gritty and Patrick Stewart high-fiving was everything I never knew I needed in life. Also Gritty was canonically in the Royal Shakespeare company now - could he get any cooler?

Been travelling since 8:20 am, still haven't boarded my last flight for the day. Going back two time zones and then waking up at 5am! I call it the Jet Lag Special!

So here's a fun thing: I think I'm starting to experience attacks of hysterical blindness due to work stress!

Honestly, the thing that I'm most upset about is that apparently it's not called hysterical blindness anymore, it's now called Conversion Disorder, which is a much less cool name.

So far KH3 is pretty good, maybe a little over-complicated, but it *is* extremely graphics.

You know how what you really wanted was for Sora to get really really REALLY into parkour? No? Well, then, fuck you, I guess.

Depressed at how I actually have a pretty good job/salary and yet I still sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Our generation is fucked.

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