Could possibly be that the Alias is taking time to propagate to the server

Migrating this account later, you should all be magically moved across to my new account.

Listening to the second remix half of Orbital 30, by far the better bit

I can only hope work's Christmas gifts are from a stock clearance company, this was wrapped up and on my desk!

Last day in office before Christmas, someone comes in full of cold 🀬

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@bbcmicrobot we've got an entire room of #raspberrypi machines running BBC BASIC. Granddad is at the front 😁

Finally added the old tepee to the cat box, happy cats all around other than some competition for the top deck πŸ˜„

I hadn't even heard of Nostr and Post until Twitter pointed them out to me πŸ˜‚

Not sure faffing around with number plates in the cold was a great idea yesterday, feeling quite achy today. Going to have a lazy morning keeping warm and see what the day brings.

Gave the first episode of Foundation a go, found it a bit ponderous and liked it's grand set pieces a bit much. Does it settle in and focus/pick up the pace a bit or is it going to jump around trying to cover too much stuff?

All of today's jobs done, can now chill, sort some food out and possibly have a beer later

Adds more screen wash, still freezes at -1C, repeat.

Which was also a sign I printed off once for my desk at work πŸ˜†

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While I'm in the mood for strange TV might have to get the projector connected to the DVD player and watch through this again.

Well that's severance finished, really enjoyed that, going to be interesting where they take it, to be fair I'd have like more discovery before the end of the series.

Nice to see some more people from the birdsite following me, seems to be quite the drama kicking off today πŸ˜‚

Some modern C++ examples I look at while trying to work out how to do something don't even look like code anymore.

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What do you call a shop selling plastic collectables?

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