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TFW you see a friend tweeting to an airline's twitter handle. No good can come from this.

people say opposites attract but they never say once you're together you might realize you have nothing in common

i wish there were flu handshakes instead of flu shots

Got new painful retainers from my orthodontist, tossed and turned all night with anxiety dreams. Woke up to terror bombs.

Fuck this wednesday.

unpopular opinion: I've never heard Pod Save America and watched their live taping show on HBO and there among their superfans they were so smug and self-congratulatory and up their own asses I'd never want to hear their podcast. It's not a good venue to introduce people new to it.

found a tab on my browser that was so incredibly fascinating but I have no idea where the link to it came from.

Wish Google Chrome could somehow tell you that ("this tab launched from a link on this previous URL!")

I open the birdsite and every single tweet from every person I follow in every walk of life is about what the president said today.

Remember "you have been trolled" from early internet days? The president is an elite level shitposter, and everyone is falling for his bait.

My local town holds a "Daddy Daughter Dance" for 3-15 year olds and I've always found it to be incredibly weird and fucked up and avoided it, but it's a beloved event for most of the town.

It feels like some nonsense out of the 1950s to me.

I've experienced both good and bad managers in my tech jobs but I assure you I will never write a days-long tweetstorm shitting on them individually.

there's NO UNSUBSCRIBE in the footer either, you have to log in to someone's account to stop all this.

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Someone signed up for credit monitoring with an email set to a domain I own and get the catch-all email for. I don't know how this is even possible, since I never verified their (non-existent) email.

About twice a week I get an email about this person I don't know and how they are getting dinged on their credit report and I feel bad for them.

I love cirque du solei but these days it’s basically a string of cool stunts from 2 year old YouTube vids combined with some light dance choreography.

My spouse told me she never put her birthday into Facebook as a security thing and my immediate thought was oh you poor child, you KNOW they have your exact date and location of your birth based on all your other metadata, and they probably share that freely out to advertisers all the time.

me: my friends and family seem cold and distant to me, what is wrong with everyone?

therapist: *spends 20min parroting back things I said over the last couple months about how cold and distant I am with people and how I could be treating them better*

me: 🧐

A good project manager has a strong opinion, they'd build the entire project themselves if they could, but they oversee and have strong opinions on all the work from the team. They're a leader but also a guiding voice.

A bad project manager makes sure everyone hits their deadlines, everyone does their part, but doesn't comment much on the quality of work.

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I'm now 46 years old and yesterday was the first day I realized what makes for a good project manager.

ever since I updated to iOS 12, my Wemo lights hooked to Apple Homekit no longer automatically turn off at night after turning on at Sunset: The Matt Haughey Cursed by IoT Story

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