airpods not in my ears or their charger case are the most anxiety producing objects on earth, how does this person do this without hyperventilating?!

there's NO UNSUBSCRIBE in the footer either, you have to log in to someone's account to stop all this.

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huh, according to iOS' screentime app, I spend 12h 56m on the toilet each week.

An old guy asked me if I drove for the Transmit Trucking Company 😬

@thomasfuchs you might like these photos from my wife’s office. Remember when Apple did fun things like rainbow see thru power cords?

Holy shit. The holedown game is like a part time job to me and I’m not even mad.

The Kennedy Center embraces the American Ninja Warrior warped wall for their logo

*beat that wall, beat that wall*

late stage capitalism is looking at hurricane devastation and getting ads for new cars in between

I don't think enough people writing in Google Docs know one killer way to use it is going full screen and putting the text at 150% size to work in a more distraction-free space.

I mention it to coworkers all the time, and the idea of moving the view off the default 100% is almost always a complete shock to them.

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