I'm playing with the stable diffusion AI crap to make avatars of me in different art styles and the output is bonkers. I'll blog a bunch of them but this is an example that was created from 20 photos I uploaded of me to a google compute instance.

After half an hour of setup, I can make these in 2sec for a few pennies each

ok last one, some sort of prompt made me into a runway model and here's me about 50lbs lighter doing a solid Blue Steele with way more symmetrical features.

I will post about 30-40 of these on my blog tomorrow, they're all totally wild and ethically dubious!

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with AI image output but I love these, especially the one where I have extra arms

@mathowie man, these are off the chart. Just incredible.

This tech is going to cause so many problems 😬

@mathowie have you ever listened to the music of Scooter? Wait, that is a dumb question, of course you have, you’re the lead singer!

@mathowie you look like some pretty European footballer.

@mathowie very excited to see all of these — I can’t remember the last time I repeatedly refreshed my Feedbin in anticipation of a blog post!

@mathowie messed around with this a bit today (thanks to you and waxpancake) and am quite amazed at some of the results. I need to get my prompts dialed in a bit more, but I’m getting the hang of it.

I think I’m gonna attempt to install all of locally on one of my machines, so I’m not burning compute credits, but otherwise it seems super far out.

@mathowie just keep a spare flower hand in the breast pocket as was the style at the time

@mathowie if one of these doesn't get turned into a 4' oil painting over your mantelpiece I'm doing to be disappointed

@mathowie I was doing my best to ignore this stuff but now I want to set it up just to mess with my family.

@mathowie Wow, great results from a relatively small effort! Thanks for sharing the steps and requirements, I want to try this in the next few weeks and will definitely refer to your blog post. :)

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