I am doing a stunt thing where I wake up like all successful people at 5am and I'm only one day into it and maybe it's actually a great idea I can't believe how much I am getting done before work each morning.

(I volunteered to do this to make fun of productivity people urging everyone to wake up at 4 or 5am and I have to admit I think they're right because I've run 4 miles, had breakfast, started laundry, and will still get 2 hours of work done before my first meeting of the day)

@mathowie you’re going to be SO SLEEPY at around 2PM (my experience anyway)

@mathowie For god's sake, though, Matt, please don't write a Medium post about it. As it is, it's a known fact that 85% of all Medium articles are about waking up early.

@mathowie people often ask how I get so much done and I don't WANT to tell them it's because I wake up early and go to bed early because I'm not 100% sure that that is ACTUALLY the reason, but....

@darius @mathowie as long as you don't have a spouse/kids who expect to see you after 8pm...

@mathowie it really is actually effective, as stupid as it sounds


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