Setting up a teen hangout room in our house with an old couch and need to get a 2nd TV. I can't believe a highly rated 4K 55" TV is around $350 now. It's totally wild that prices have fallen this far.

@mathowie I've bought 3 TVs in the past ~decade; each for $500-600 yet I've gone from a low-end 32" flat-panel to a "meh" 42"@1080p to a 4K+HDR+DV 55" that's one of the best non-OLEDS on the market.

@mathowie that fact is basically the only reason I own a tv -- it wasn't important enough to me to spend more than a couple hundred dollars on, and yet I have a 48" hd smart tv?

@relsqui @mathowie The biggest shock moving back here was how fucking expensive TVs are.

@mathowie I’m seeing even lower prices for Black Friday, around $200!

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