Instagram stories still feel like work instead of fun

@d @mathowie follow better people! I love them. Use them more than regular posts now. (You can mute stories from boring people too.)

Huh, you can? I feel like I only want to see stories from a v small subset of the people I’m following... @fraying @d @mathowie

@Danhon @d @mathowie yup! Tap and hold on the person’s avatar on the main screen.

@fraying @Danhon @d @mathowie I did not know this, thank you! So many Stories are very boring but I love the few good ones.

@fraying @d I think it's the feeling of having to sit through video instead of going as fast as I want to scroll in the regular feed that feels weird and like "work" to me.

@mathowie @d you know about tapping on the right side of the screen to go to the next story, and swiping to go to the next person?

@mathowie @d yeah I could see how stories would be insufferable without these gestures.

@mathowie an ad instead of every third story isn’t helping.

@cdevroe consume, it feels like it takes forever compared to looking at my feed

@mathowie I can understand that. Perhaps I do not follow enough accounts to make me feel that way. Pretty much only have family and close friends there.

@mathowie I got creeped out when I found out that people could see you watched it.

My spouse got a DM from an MLM seller to the effect of "I saw you were checking out my stories about X, can I set you up with an order?"

It's like read receipts for viewing a post

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