I miss having a job title of webmaster

@mathowie it sounds so poweful and mystical, like some learned old head of a craftsmans guild.

@mathowie I remember working for $AIRLINE and having my boss run across the email address "webmaster@[somewhere]" for the first time and sneering about some pretentious BOFH giving himself a title like that and I am really proud of my restraint for waiting until everyone else had left his office before saying, "it's just a derivative of 'postmaster.'"

(Him: "Oh, huh. Makes sense.")

(I mean, it was the mid-90's, he was still probably right about it being a pretentious BOFH.)

@mathowie My first job title when I started in San Francisco was buildmaster. Still like that one a lot.

@mathowie I had that title through 2012 at my previous job because I didn't care enough to ask them to update it.

@mathowie Maybe you don't have it as a job title, but you can have it as a title... Webmaster of your own website. :awesome:

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