@mathowie fwiw you can ctrl+v paste on highlighted text in the web editor with a link in your clipboard to make that text linked to the clipboard URL.

@mathowie hmm, are you in the visual editor or the "HTML" editor? it looks like it only works in visual mode

@mathowie ahh I think I see the problem, it has to have the leading http(s):// to be detected as a link

@mathowie CMD-k on highlighted text brings up a link box for self-hosted WordPress. I'd guess that works on .com as well. You can also paste a URL directly on to existing text to create a hyperlink.

The community is also hard at work on the next editor for WP, hopefully to be shipped later this year. You can try out a preview at testgutenberg.com

(Great feedback, btw)

@mathowie it's 2018 and pasting still retains the source styling, who decided this should ever be the default? Pasting into Outlook emails I regularly have to paste into the Subject field first to clear styling then cut/paste the plain text into the body.

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