I am dying in LearnedLeague this season, as I've never had so many zero correct days in a session. I'm in the E rundle and fighting to stay out of the bottom 3-4 spots. I don't know if there's an even lower category for me.

I feel like I'm getting close with my guesses but never getting them quite right for the things I don't know off the top of my head, and I've always had a better than 50/50 percentage on guessing in the past.

I feel like the iOS 12 Shortcuts app is going to change my phone forever in ways I can't imagine right now.

Donald Glover was robbed tonight. I loved The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel but damn Atlanta deserved some awards too.

late stage capitalism is looking at hurricane devastation and getting ads for new cars in between

my apple airpods are like avocados, here is what a typical day at my desk checking them in the menu bar looks like

100% battery
(four hours of music)
80% battery
(one hour later)
77% battery
(ten minutes later)
11% battery
(two minutes later)
*left side goes silent*

I remember seeing @adam using Word this way in like 2007 and wondering why a young guy had full-screen docs at 200% or bigger, all the while assuming he did it for readability.

It was only a couple years later I realized it's way less distracting to write this way.

I don't think enough people writing in Google Docs know one killer way to use it is going full screen and putting the text at 150% size to work in a more distraction-free space.

I mention it to coworkers all the time, and the idea of moving the view off the default 100% is almost always a complete shock to them.

another new Steven Johnson book came out and I wish I could lay on a couch and read the whole thing today amazon.com/gp/product/15944882

my conflicted feelings about S1 of American Vandal summed up: this is really funny and well done, but it's a parody of an actual super sad murder trial.

S2: whoa this is mocking both the Netflix murder show AND the first season Serial podcast, both murders but instead poop.

It transcended the parody by the end, but still had mixed feelings through the first couple episodes.

I got over my conflicted feelings about season 1 and goddamn, America Vandal season 2 was goooood.

New episode of Hobby Horse, this time with guest @darius. At one point we talk for 5-10min on what turning Mastodon into a Google Reader clone could be like, and I thought about editing it out as too technical for most listeners, but figured hey, Mastodon users might like to hear what's possible for people tweaking it on the bleeding edge. Here's the whole show: the.hobbyhorse.club/17

When the summer blockbuster season is over, it's truly over. According to foursquare I saw at least a movie a week for the past 18 weeks but by late August, it went to almost zero. Nothing exciting has come out in a few weeks. Maybe white boy rick is the first thing I've wanted to see in September?

Ate a 5mg pot gummy around 9pm that didn’t affect me until I was asleep hours later and my dreams were supremely wild and fucked up. It was like I ate a weirdness bomb.

“Tell me how you got the shit into the Kurt Vonnegut head piñata”

I want to go to sleep and only be woken up when the world of business people have finally stopped using "learnings" when they mean the word "lessons"

I get Toms of Maine and Tom of Finland mixed up way too often

every fancy restaurant is now pushing sparkling wines when they've always been fun and tasty is like a friend telling you they just discovered Super Mario on a NES emulator and it's a really good game you should check out

@d why are you faving at 4:30am get some sleep bogan

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