(I volunteered to do this to make fun of productivity people urging everyone to wake up at 4 or 5am and I have to admit I think they're right because I've run 4 miles, had breakfast, started laundry, and will still get 2 hours of work done before my first meeting of the day)

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I am doing a stunt thing where I wake up like all successful people at 5am and I'm only one day into it and maybe it's actually a great idea I can't believe how much I am getting done before work each morning.

Listened to the new Reply All and the new Death Sex and Money and boy howdy both of them made me very mad about the state of the world (first is about Foxconn's outrageous deal in Wisconsin, second is about Trump ending DACA)

good current problems: there are ten books I wish I could be reading right now

I’ll never understand why my mom died at 65 and her brother (my favorite uncle) is about to die at 61 but their mean alcoholic asshole brother is still kicking in his mid-70s

Setting up a teen hangout room in our house with an old couch and need to get a 2nd TV. I can't believe a highly rated 4K 55" TV is around $350 now. It's totally wild that prices have fallen this far.

I'm happy to see dog racing finally gone from Florida, it always seemed skeevy and gross when I was a kid and heard it existed.

But then *galaxy brain* why is horse racing any more noble? I grew up around horse racing and trainers across the board treated their animals like shit, and it's all about gambling and money.

trying so hard not to dislike everything about my daughter's boyfriend

Went to a book reading where half the people in the audience had already read the new book (came out 2 months ago) and wanted to ask a bunch of spoiler-y questions about it.

That's never happened before. Thankfully, the author danced around answers without spoiling a book I'm about to dig into.

why isn’t every mastodon iOS app called Toot Suite

I love the local hardcore baptist church that always throws an afternoon "harvest party" every Oct 31st to try and keep kids away from halloween but they never reference or mention it but they're terrified and totally being owned by children dressing up as ghosts


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airpods not in my ears or their charger case are the most anxiety producing objects on earth, how does this person do this without hyperventilating?!

95% done with a monster project that I can finish today if I just buckle down and belt it out but I didn't make any progress on it yesterday what is the term for this god I hate this feeling after working on it for months...

every day around 3pm I have to eat something crunchy and I think if it were 200 years ago, I'd probably keep a small bag of Fall leaves around to gnash every afternoon.

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