S/He that is without sin among you, let her/him first create a *new git tag for release*.

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Nice rant on how software becomes bigger and bigger and bloated and more bloated without adding real value. Enjoyed the read and mostly agree:

Poor Android users that can't help themselves or don't have enough money or knowledgement to find a devices that don't screw them: Xiaomi showing ads everywhere on their Android devices🙄 via: r/android

Take a minute to appreciate Linus latest email, there is hope for everyone. Even more... Linux Kernel now includes a Code of Conduct (CoC).

Some people just want to see the world burn... Everything seems logic until 🇮🇹

Afrikaans: Duitsland -> Duitse
Cebuano: Germany -> German
Greek: Γερμανία -> Γερμανός
English: Germany -> German
Spanish: Alemania -> alemán
French: Allemagne -> allemand
Italian: Germania -> Tedesco 🤔
Latin: Germany -> German
Portuguese: Alemanha -> alemão
Romanian: Germania -> limba germana
Turkish: Almanya -> Almanca

sys admin adventure

$ alias holdmybeer=sudo
$ alias YOLO="reboot -h now"

$ holdmybeer rm -rf --no-preserve-root /
$ holdmybeer YOLO

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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you The leader of free world and self-proclaimed "stable genius"...

Could it be, that he is a dummy?

Somehow I can't no longer! At least the session on my Smartphone remains active!

Something seems wring with mastodon.social! Is there any information on what is wrong? @TheAdmin is gone

How to become the best uncle in the world? I just took my nephews to "the Chocolate Museum in Cologne", even though they only got a little pieces chocolate to eat, they went bananas 😎

having been using this Roboter vacuum cleaner for a while now, I got it as gift. And this guy is the really MVP in my household.



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