pol i guess 

what does an average, non-russian person do about chechnya? how do i help? i know i can't just ignore this, but, as always, it is so easy to feel helpless in these situations

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Modern politics is just like Harry Potter in that I was paying attention for a while until it got too depressing and I didn't like any of the main characters.

birbsite harassment 

@GinnyMcQueen@mastodon.social grosss. i never really realize how serious online harassment can be until i see it for myself. sorry you had to go through this

feeling very uneasy tonight. i'm gonna try to sleep it off, and hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. though i'm not religious anymore, i do still always love the feeling of beginning again with easter. goodnight pals

@GinnyMcQueen@mastodon.social wait by g&o do u mean garfunkel & oates? bc if so i do not listen to them, but my favorite s&g song would have to be "wednesday morning 3 am"

@GinnyMcQueen@mastodon.social waking up early but also having had enough sleep, having avocado toast, fruit, and coffee that is the perfect level of sweet for breakfast, eating while reading a magazine with my cat sitting on my lap, sunny and mild but not overly warm, simon and garfunkel playing in the background, spending the rest of the day reading and cleaning

i feel like i only use this acct to complain so i'm sorry about that but i made the mistake of reading about abu gahraib ~an hour ago and it made me so upset. i'm nauseous, i can't focus, i'm still thinking about it. nothing i can think to say feels right and i don't know what i plan to accomplish in posting this. i guess i just want to vent. but it absolutely disgusts me that things like this happen and that the people responsible are walking free like nothing ever happened

@Publicvent no, not yet. i want to, but i'm not really sure how i would go about doing so--i'm not sure who the admin is or what their @ is

smh i was gonna post that "area 51... HACKED" gif but the file was too big nothing good is coming from this

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thinking my acct on another instance may have been hacked ... it kept saying my password was wrong, and when i went to reset it, it said my email was "not found"

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I made an instance previewer, so you can see the local/federated feeds of an instance without signing up: unmung.com/mastoview?url=xoxo.

on a serious note, this book had a whole chapter on reagan adn the 80s and didn't mention the aids crisis ANYWHERE, which made me Angery

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a little disappointed that my history textbook didn't mention bill clinton's saxophone performance anywhere

another mastodon question. how do you tell when something is a public toot that you were mentioned in, as opposed to a direct message? like, do they look different in the notifications tab?

@corzntin@anticapitalist.party it's not thaaat much and i've done most of it already, i just don't want to do it lol. i'm a bit annoyed bc i feel like a lot of it is busywork, but there's also some real/meaningful work that i have to devote real time to

@corzntin@anticapitalist.party yes. i'm on spring break and it ends tuesday and i'm not done all my homework and i'm busy sunday and monday, so i'm trying to finish it all tomorrow

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