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what does an average, non-russian person do about chechnya? how do i help? i know i can't just ignore this, but, as always, it is so easy to feel helpless in these situations

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Modern politics is just like Harry Potter in that I was paying attention for a while until it got too depressing and I didn't like any of the main characters.

feeling very uneasy tonight. i'm gonna try to sleep it off, and hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. though i'm not religious anymore, i do still always love the feeling of beginning again with easter. goodnight pals

i feel like i only use this acct to complain so i'm sorry about that but i made the mistake of reading about abu gahraib ~an hour ago and it made me so upset. i'm nauseous, i can't focus, i'm still thinking about it. nothing i can think to say feels right and i don't know what i plan to accomplish in posting this. i guess i just want to vent. but it absolutely disgusts me that things like this happen and that the people responsible are walking free like nothing ever happened

smh i was gonna post that "area 51... HACKED" gif but the file was too big nothing good is coming from this

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thinking my acct on another instance may have been hacked ... it kept saying my password was wrong, and when i went to reset it, it said my email was "not found"

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I made an instance previewer, so you can see the local/federated feeds of an instance without signing up: unmung.com/mastoview?url=xoxo.

on a serious note, this book had a whole chapter on reagan adn the 80s and didn't mention the aids crisis ANYWHERE, which made me Angery

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a little disappointed that my history textbook didn't mention bill clinton's saxophone performance anywhere

another mastodon question. how do you tell when something is a public toot that you were mentioned in, as opposed to a direct message? like, do they look different in the notifications tab?

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cool people irl co-opting awkwardness like "I'm so awkward" bich no u aren't. you couldn't last 5 minutes with my brand of awkward silence you little baby. my bad timing and uncomfortable divulgences will make you cry for your mommy. don't even talk to me about awkward u well-adjusted normie ding-dong. get outa here

*learns japanese so that i can keep up with the local timeline*

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fashionable typo's. dont speak to me if your not down with them.

time 2 complain 

i waste so much time every day like i just spent an hour of my life reading some stupid reddit thread that i didn't even care about and there are so many other ways i could have spent that time and i do stuff like this EVERY DAY and every time it happens i feel like garbage but it's just so difficult to stop it's so easy to fall into time wasting behaviors like this i really need to start doing better

the reality that i have to be awake in four hours still has not hit me

one reason why i'm digging mastodon is bc it really doesn't feel like a popularity contest. since there are relatively few users it's not possible to be "mastodon famous" or w/e and boost/fave counts aren't immediately visible and things like that--it's clear that this site isn't oriented toward amassing a following and i find that really refreshing, very no-pressure

oh my gosh i JUST realized what birdsite is i've been so confused about this for so long i thought it was an actual website that everyone somehow knew about kms myself

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