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has been a part of my life for almost 30 years now, come and go. In the beginning it was just sitting still and counting.

Later I stumbled upon José Silva. There was this epiphany of the first state. SOMETHING'S HAPPENING! *oscillates*

For a long time I thought, it had to be programmatic, visualisations, mantras; until I found out about Eckhard Tolle. Now Im back to mostly breathing. Or watching. Or hearing. Or being.

current readings are Dan Harris and Ethan Nichtern.

People say Twitter killed its API and developer ecosystem, but my team and I innovate on Twitter data every day. There are an incredible amount of insights you can derive from the data that platform makes available

I may be 40, but i'm happy as a 4 year old eating ants on a log at my desk at work.

Good morning Mastadon! Wherever you are, whatever you're doing this Monday morning, remember the wise words of Scott Pruitt, new head of the EPA: "Our country can't run on pixie dust and hope, the last 8 years proved that...coal jobs are the best jobs, and the war on coal is over." Sorry if you're not working in a coal mine right now.

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Seriously, every time someone starts talking right-wing shit, stop and talk to them

question the validity of their position, but in a way that displays true kindness

You can't expect to change them in a single conversation, but if you can plant seeds that make them think, you're helping

Got so distracted by Mastadon I'm late for a phone call

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