Teenagers called it too creepy and left lmfao fucking epic

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A bit torn: should I make a list of all the things I need to do at work, or just continue pretending the list isn’t actually *that* long..?

Got a glimpse of the sun today. A+++, would look again!

gdpr data export is better than your UX 

Ever been so frustrated by an app's UX design that you asked for a GDPR data export to get at the data you wanted?

Monday morning, as I was walking to work, Spotify played a song on my "Discover Weekly" list. The song was "mood af" at the time. I hit the like button to save it for later. I move on with my day, paying it no mind.

An hour later, at work, ready to jump back in, I notice that the Discover weekly playlist has updated. That's fine. I go to my likes to find the song but it is not on my list. Odd.

This is the point where I would normally look for some kind of "history" feature in the app. Because yes, I know Spotify is a data hoarder who collects this information. But apparently there is no history feature in the mobile app. There is a song history in the desktop app, but it only shows the history of stuff played through the desktop app. More like a local cache thing.

I needed that song name. So I did what every sensible person would do. I played a song I wouldn't ordinarily play. (Rick Astley seemed like a good choice) This track would serve as a "bookmark" to quickly search for. Then I requested a GDPR data export.

Almost four days later, the data export arrived. Quickly searching for Rick Astley and then going back in time a few hours: song name and artist located.

Why does Spotify choose to obscure play history? I'm honestly not sure.

Turns out switching from Mantis to Jira is a lot of work! Who could have suspected it..?

Yum yum, building networks isn’t something I’m good at 😬 But maybe things will work when I get the switch to let my traffic through…

Juggling various network configurations to create a ”simple” four network VPN setup… It’s pretty easy to mess up the routing and lose connection to various parts. Grmbl.

I need to write code for line wrapping in our embedded, part C, part Lua application, and implement a multiline text view to render the resulting lines (and add a scroll function for when the content still won’t fit). Not very keen on doing this. 😐

The internet needs more conspiracies like this.


@DavidLarter: The attack on the Saudi oil field was a false flag perpetrated by Denmark in an effort to drive up oil prices, thereby driving more countries toward wind energy and thereby benefitting Danish wind energy company Vestas, which makes windmills.

@DavidLarter: The attack is also designed to rope the United States into a conflict with Iran, which is the fall-guy state in the scheme, thereby distracting the United States and drawing it away from it's designs on Greenland.

@DavidLarter: See, anyone can conspiracy theory on the Internet!

@DavidLarter: This conspiracy was brought to you by three minutes of googling who makes windmills

@DavidLarter: 🤣

Interesting read about the problems of monocultures and that it applies to the Internet in a bad way: apenwarr.ca/log/20190819

Time to drill ventilation holes and watch the Apple event 👷🏻‍♂️

And sometimes I think there are too many layers of abstraction in modern computing… 🤷‍♂️

The Cult of Kubernetes



Update on the tree: need to straighten it up a bit. Sigh, analog world…

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websites: if you click "keep me logged in", it will never work
ads/trackers: know exactly who you are at all times with zero effort required on your part

So, didn’t get any non-work done over the weekend, but I did plant a tree 🌳

This game’s trailer reminded me of Lost Vikings. I wonder if they’ve rebooted that game for mobile yet…


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