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How soon before Mastodon gets link embeds? I would prefer not to click on YouTube links, et al, before knowing what they lead to.

cw praxis question 


If you like someone's round ass and thicc thighs, you don't get to complain about their stomach being soft. To quote Rihanna, "You want to have a butt, then you have a gut."

The best internet is people losing their shit over something that hasn’t been released yet, that no one is forcing them to buy internet. 🍿🍿🍿

body heat/sweat stuff 

Soft YouTube Boy: today we're going to learn how a commodore 64 works
Me, never owned one and stoned out of my ass: fucking superb, take 2 hours please

microprocessors are domesticated sand

COP: are you aware that this is the carpool lane
ME: [places anime girl figurine on the dash]

why did we give dick cheney three heart transplants. what did we think we were going to gain

here's your Pope card, in case you didn't know you're a Pope, a title anyone can claim.

Everyone is so hard on capitalism, but I just spent $1.70 at a 7-11 in exchange for enough cherry sours to make me feel like absolute shit for the rest of the day. Name another economic system capable of ruining your whole day this cheaply, I dare you.

if you want to know all about the , follow the IWW Incarcerated Workers' Organising Committee


awoo! hello #fediverse. we are a the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, as the name describes, an incarcerated member led section of the #IWW, a revolutionary union.

Our presence here is an experiment of sorts. We hope our time translates to getting us closer to freedom for our caged members and ultimately, #prisonabolition

We're in the midst of a nationwide (and Canada too) #prisonstrike

Learn more at

As we know is common on #Twitter and #Facebook, we're seeing supporters' accounts being suspended or marked as "spam."

To be clear, we hate those platforms but also need as much visibility for prison rebels as possible.

We see our presence here as a dual strategy, not unlike the #IWW motto, build the world in the shell of the old.

The #prisonstrike is in full swing.

3 ways to support rebels on the inside:

1. Call prisons abusing strikers -
2. Write letters of <3 to strikers -
3. Donate to strike fund -

To stay informed, follow this account and our RSS feed

about to yeet into the sky at 500 mph in a budget metal tube for an hour, see yall on the other side

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