@Death666barbie@mastodon.social they really love to do that u.u

@lyliawisteria It’s been a pretty bleak couple of days. But I also believe in the positivity of masto to overwhelm the ickiness in the long run. Have faith. ❀️

etiquette folks of mastodon:

would it be rude to bring my trumpet to work and practice while my code's compiling

I have now, finally, officially, for real, finally, for the last time, seriously, I swear, moved to:


I cannot stress enough that I will never migrate again, because having my own instance will meet all of my needs just fine.

Please boost this toot so that I can get my followers back over there, and go follow me there! Boneposting shall resume!

Yo this is old but I should really start doing makeup again because dang!

[MY GF]: *beckoning me to the bedroom for the sex*

[ME]: "Sorry babe, but I'm
✝️ β­• β­• ✝️ ❗ πŸ†– right now."

selfie, eye contact, very minor lewdness 

@shrugs i just learned about filtering and folders... is that something you do? if not, could be very helpful.


This is my cool girl account where i pretend to be cool and not follow anyone on my big account. whats up. boost this shit

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