@lyliawisteria It’s been a pretty bleak couple of days. But I also believe in the positivity of masto to overwhelm the ickiness in the long run. Have faith. ❀️

etiquette folks of mastodon:

would it be rude to bring my trumpet to work and practice while my code's compiling

I have now, finally, officially, for real, finally, for the last time, seriously, I swear, moved to:


I cannot stress enough that I will never migrate again, because having my own instance will meet all of my needs just fine.

Please boost this toot so that I can get my followers back over there, and go follow me there! Boneposting shall resume!

you can block me but i will just use my other account and post slight variations on his name. i will never be stopped, not by god, not by man, not by [THIS USER HAS BEEN BANNED]

Birdsite + Complaining 

Things I would prefer not to see on Mastodon (besides everyone's usual gripes):

- Awful derivative memes
- Ironic Communism
- Screenshots from shitty people
- Anything about Trxmp
- Protests
- Videos that are insanely loud
- Flag Emoji
- Marketers
- Smugness in any form

Mother + adult daughter shoots are very precious to me. It's my mom's birthday today, here we are two years ago on her 70th birthday.

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Can I just say how amazing it is to click on my ad blocker settings for this site and see only ONE domain being accessed?

Not even my own personal website does that.

How soon before Mastodon gets link embeds? I would prefer not to click on YouTube links, et al, before knowing what they lead to.

cw praxis question 

can subject lines be synonymous with content warnings? like, why not get into the practise of often writing a byline with a few short words describing what your post is about, even if it's not necessarily anything that might be triggering?


Fox News right now is attacking the media for using John McCain to attack trump. Why would ever even fucking try if you weren't actually invested in these imperialist fucks?

If you like someone's round ass and thicc thighs, you don't get to complain about their stomach being soft. To quote Rihanna, "You want to have a butt, then you have a gut."

The best internet is people losing their shit over something that hasn’t been released yet, that no one is forcing them to buy internet. 🍿🍿🍿

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