in case you didn't know, the PS5 user interface uses react native 👀
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@danilhendrasr @callstackio @ThisDotLabs @MetaOpenSource @ReactNativeMSFT Yes. It uses the cross-platform C# code I contributed to React Native Windows alongside @EricRozell & @GantLaborde back in 2016. It’s all in the leaks from the jailbreak community at this point, including the fact we started shipping RN apps on PS4 a year before PS5 shipped.

Ivory by Tapbots is launching today.

This app marks the beginning of a new era for Mastodon clients on Apple platforms. It raises the bar in this category, but there’s still work to be done.

I reviewed Tweetbot 1.0 on MacStories in 2011; 12 years later, here is my review of Ivory 1.0:

Ivory for Mastodon Review: Tapbots Reborn

Magari un giorno li proverò ricredendomi, ma posso dire che dei visori Apple (o anche quelli di Meta e degli altri) e più in generale del metaverso non mi importa granché?

Sento di avere già abbastanza modi per alienarmi dalla realtà quando voglio, senza necessità di indossare catafalchi.

Esistono specifici casi d'uso in cui sono convinto che i visori prenderanno piede (essendo già stati provati, ad esempio medicina da remoto o demo vendita in VR), ma resto scettico su un'ampia presa.

🇮🇹 Questo venerdì a Pisa torna l'appuntamento con i meetup di

📣 Speaker: @vincenzopalazzo

📍Officine Garibaldi - Via V. Gioberti 39, Pisa

⏰ 27 Gennaio 2023 - 18:30

Per riservare il tuo biglietto:

Non sei a Pisa? Stiamo valutando anche la possibilità di trasmettere l'evento online. A breve novità anche su questo fronte!


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There's one thing I still don't get about Mastodon. When I follow a new account, why can't I see all the posts that the user wrote in the past?

After Twitter updated their API rules and stopped third party apps I’ve decided to join Mastodon.

I've tried it since yesterday and, at the moment, I can't find many of the people I follow on Twitter. I guess it will not be easy to completely leave Twitter.

Btw, do you have any recommendations for a good third party client for iOS/macOS?

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