@madewulf as an Italian I would say Japan is #1 (and Italy can be second) :)

I saw the phrase "full stack engineer" cross my path recently. The first time I saw this, I wrote something on Google-internal Buzz. Read on.

Just purchased a support subscription for Mastodon's development. They are doing an amazing job. patreon.com/mastodon

The only reason we're able to hire more folks is because of your support. Mastodon is a non-profit supported entirely by crowdfunding. If you like what we're doing or the servers we provide, consider supporting us on Patreon:


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A few hours into engage and so far it’s great, the only thing I don’t like much is the music (it’s ok but definitely not as good as the previous games). I have a feeling it won’t be as memorable as 3H.

who's also listening to the first slipknot album in 2023

Welcome all you new folks who just got Ivory and are arriving at the fediverse, I use @elk a bunch as a desktop client ( just load up elk.zone and that's it ) which I think works really well as a complement.

@orta @elk I didn't know about elk, thanks so much for mentioning it! It feels like I will be using it as my main interface now!

Always support indie software when you have the opportunity.

workout ✅
pushed some code ✅
calls ✅
emails ✅
slack ✅

I wish I could live in the Somniel instead of the real world.

@madewulf oh wow I didn't know, they do content in french then? must be rising their hair :)

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