Catching up with the latest DHH drama and wondering why there are still people willing to work with the guy.

@tvdv at this point that seems to be the only option. Also wonder why the rails core folks don’t resign and/or form the project.

@lrz @tvdv Because they're disgusting opportunists and have no ethics? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(As former Rails core member, when the Basecamp meltdown happened I've asked all mentions of me to be removed from the Rails website.)

@thomasfuchs I deeply respect how you’ve handled that. If there’s one thing climate activism has taught me is that we’re all hypocrites one way or another; I’m still using Rails professionally and we’re also still using Basecamp with a few of our clients. :(

@tvdv Yeah, still using Rails as well. Hell, this here website runs it.

@thomasfuchs @lrz @tvdv is there anything he can do to redeem himself? 👋🤔

@llbbl @lrz @tvdv Why would he even think of how his actions and words are harmful, when he's surrounded by kowtowers at his company and the people in his open source project are just shrugging it off?

@thomasfuchs @lrz @tvdv maybe he would step away from the framework with more publicity? Inaction guarantees the status quo.

@lrz oh where can I find such drama? I am a sucker for that

That Rails guy… 

@thomasfuchs @lrz @Migueldeicaza I’m still floored that he confuses white academic Dr. Robin DiAngelo with Grammy-winning Black artist D’Angelo.

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