Does anyone know if it's possible to "merge" (import) the content of a JavaScript module into the current namespace? (Kind of like `using namespace` in C++.)

Basically, I would like to do `import * from 'foo.js'` where all the stuff in `foo.js` becomes directly available. All the options I see seem to force me to import stuff into a "new" namespace which I then have to prefix every time.

@amirrajan I don't want to specify which things to import, I want everything.

@lrz @amirrajan not possible without crazy hacks. you need to (1) use a namespace object or (2) specify all the imports yourself. it's by design so tooling can know which module an identifier comes from.

@lrz @judofyr outside of that you can pass in “self” and attach functions accordingly.

@lrz @amirrajan it helps if you use an editor (e.g. VS Code) which can insert imports automatically for you. then you just type "flatMap <TAB>" and it does The Right Thing™

@judofyr @amirrajan Do you use an extension for this? I can't seem to be able to do it with the vanilla config.

@lrz @amirrajan hmm. I'm using this in a TypeScript project, but it works in plain JS files as well. according to it needs TS 2.6, but I'm not sure if it needs to be available locally or in the project

@lrz @amirrajan maybe you need a tsconfig.json/jsconfig.json?

@judofyr @amirrajan Indeed that was it! Works like a charm! Thanks again for your help and the pointers.

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