Looks like Elon got a good deal, small fine (in retrospect), can remain CEO and rejoin the board in 3 years. Curious to see how the market will react Monday.

@lrz so they lost about $20 billion in company worth, that was some expensive tweeting

@thomasfuchs I don’t know if the stock correction has an impact on their ability to raise money with bonds, I read that it’s all gonna depend on the Model 3 deliveries. Musk still being there they might still have a chance?

@lrz Well, the reason why they’re having this problem in the first place is Musk :)

@thomasfuchs True, but he’s kind of the soul of the company. Firing Steve didn’t help Apple much :) I really wish them to succeed.

@lrz Yes, but Steve didn’t go literally insane. Musk is certifiable.

@thomasfuchs It’s true his recent behavior is beyond questionability :-)

@lrz I tell you what, it’s unlikely to get better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@thomasfuchs he hasn’t tweeted anything controversial since, perhaps he learned the lesson :) Or someone stole his phone lol

@lrz @thomasfuchs may it's the Bufo Alvarius toad venom he's smoking.

@lrz in any event in the long term it really worked out for Apple :)

@lrz @thomasfuchs steve was good at getting things done and they weren’t assembling apple II’s 9 months late in a tent. i think tesla the cars are fascinating but musk is totally overrated

@lrz There’s nothing to understand, it’s like a religious cult. :)

@lrz they will announce how many 3’s the made last quarter, I’m 99% sure you’ll the stock going down again soon

@thomasfuchs 1) the market is happy that Elon is no longer in the board 2) the market is happy that he’s still CEO 3) none of the above

@lrz 4) The market was flush with money because so many people were short selling (which was what Elon did the angry tweet about), and with the earnings bought new stock 🤪

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