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Done with dental surgeries & aftercare, so I'm back to twice-yearly appointments with the dentist unless something goes wrong in the meantime. Yay!

"But screens aren’t always evil and sometimes even come to the rescue—and not just on road trips. After a screaming match with her eighth grader over a book he had to read for school, Kate Kerr . . . decided to download an audio version of the book that her son listened to while playing video games. Years later, he is a computer programmer who listens to podcasts while working."

Dr. Martin Luther King rise from the grave and beat the shit out of Mike Pence challege

I noticed how much my toddler likes to look at videos of himself, so I loaded up an older nexus tablet with videos backed up and deleted from my phone. He really seems to like these trips down memory lane--I guess this is our generation's version of looking through a photo album together.

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Uncomfortable as I am with military metaphors (which are all too common in activist circles), things like gOogleDocs are not the 'tools of the enemy', but their weapons. Choosing to use them is more like shooting ourselves with the guns of the enemy, than it is like using their tools. Their tools of the enemy are all the things we *don't* have access to, like the source code of the goOgle search algorithms, or the user data they use to train their machine translation algorithms.

This is an interesting article about the history of , the infighting surrounding the specification, and its supplantation by corporate . I wonder if /#ActivityPub can succeed and become a widely-adopted, central technology where RSS did not? Perhaps the last line of the article is particularly significant: "The lesson here may be that if we want to see a better, more , we have to get better at working together."

I spent a couple of hours in the early afternoon tidying up and cleaning the floors while Mark took the kid outside to play. The house, while far from perfect, is at least more livable than it has been for weeks and I'm content. It's going to be a comfortable weekend chilling at home!

If other white collar defendants are any indication, he's probably 10s of millions in the hole and is hoping to get off as leniently as possible so he can make it up with his lobbying and consultant work, and possibly a memoir.

My current burning question is how Paul Manafort still has money left for a legal team

I just watched a woman upgrade her sewing machine with a toilet repair kit. Techbros think they're hot shit hackers but they ain't got shit on seamstresses.

strikes again! I sent in a couple of receivers for repair, the best and sturdiest I've used. The product is not easily broken because it's just a hexahedron with a button and charges though the earphone port. Of course now the product is discontinued and the necessary parts for the fairly simple repairs are not available. I can go buy cheap-ass or bank-breaking headsets that will break on me within months of use either way. Joy :)

#ShowerThought creativity is the opposite of efficiency. Yet applied creativity can bring about greater efficiency, and efficiencies in some areas, can free and up time, energy, and resources for creativity in others.

Thanks mostly to my husband's efforts, the baby's temperature fell from "somewhat worrying and definitely uncomfortable" to "nearly normal." He's sleeping comfortably now, too.

Kid is sleeping better and my husband left the cloth on him, hopefully he'll sleep through the night as he quite obviously needs it.

Husband's and my fever went down, but kiddo is still burning up even after taking an antifebrile. Poor tot is sleeping uncomfortably and his dad is holding a cold cloth to his head :(

And my day closes as it began, typing with a drowsing toddler in my lap.

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