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*meeting a British couple*
Which one of you is the Wallace and which one the Gromit?

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inventor of the push notification to share public apology

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not feeling too confident in this whole capitalism thing atm tbh!!!!

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hmmmm, you want the govberment to pay for things, but did you consider that the tax code puts an unfair burden on the working class, check mayte socialist s

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I will accept ANY money from ANY lobbying interest group. It will all cancel out and I can continue working to make the sun illegal.

remind me to tell y'all about my beetles sometime by the way i think y'all'd like them

fuckin hell im going to sleep its been an awful week and i already hate the next one

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god yeah anyway got told today that im not eligible to vote in the 2020 primary which is just fantastic

the only thing keeping me alive right now is the promise of the mayday march/rally in my city and im not even guaranteed a ride yet so

anyway i feel like i didn't enjoy spring break enough. ya girl is still exhausted and no closer to being done with homework than i was a week ago.

can we get a big shoutout to my parents for somehow managing to make me feel bad about getting a 34 instead of a 36 on the ACT? incredible work there guys 10/10

god i dont wanna do brunch tomorrow i hate my grandparents

@Shrigglepuss what do you mean the plot shouldn't come to a screeching halt while we watch some asshole in glasses use linux

this is what i imagine would be an accurate representation but again i know *checks notes* exactly shit and shit

fuckin uhhhhhhh god linux has been open in a vm for a week and a half and i still have no idea how to get it to work consistently without also crashing my computer how the fuck do you people live

it might have something to do with the fact that i have an apple product and as far as i can tell, apple would rather come at me with an axe than make it easy for me to grow as a human being

actually please tell me more im more than passively interested in this shit so uhhhHHH

fuckin lmfao just kidding i forgot about another thing i had! 3 hours. three entire hours of leisure time over 120 hours, 5 days. im going to die! that's all. im just gonna die.

i have to sit through a family brunch tomorrow do you think i can survive on five hours of sleep? i dont but im gonna do it anyway

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