@killyourfm I use ghost and Hugo. Ghost is a bit complex for making tweaks yourself. I self host it. It depends on your coding skills. The documentation is good, but it is definitely a fair bit of work. On the upside once everything is going it has a really nice app for authoring your content, so I guess it depends on how much that is worth to you.

@killyourfm lol. “GASP”. That cracked me up. So many people acting like this is a crazy idea while also perfectly fine with using other proprietary apps or browsers. I’m just happy that this will be there for me if I need to use it for whatever reason. Choice is a great thing.

@ryan Ive been thinking about it myself. Could be fun.

@popey what is this sorcery. You can’t make old fries good again.

@ChrisWere I feel offended and upset by this post. :P

Lul j/k.

@popey awesome post. Ty. :) I may have to follow along and do the same.

@ryan I love using Linux as my daily driver. It really depends on your preferred workflow. My daily work revolves around web development and I prefer Linux for it. However, I can do all the same things with wsl, so it really just depends on your preferred software and desktop environment if Linux will be for you. :)

@Athelstan @omgubuntu I respectfully disagree. Some of us have to work in the enterprise and need things like this to be able to use Linux at work. I am grateful for this feature landing.

@ryan yikes. I have been trying plex but this makes me want to use something else.

@CubicleNate @opensuse I feel I’m not stressing how much I like opensuse. While I am a frequent distro hopper, on a yearly basis I probably run opensuse for at least 1/3 of my year. Interspersed with mainly Ubuntu based distros and the occasional jaunt over to fedora or an arch based distro.

@CubicleNate @opensuse I suppose I don’t mind yast for most sys admin tasks. I just don’t like the package management. When I’m running opensuse I default to using zypper as much as possible. I really love _most_ things about opensuse. I love a rolling distro. I love snapper. I love the plasma setup. I love the software availability. There are just a few bugbears that drive me away. Yast package management and slow mirrors from here in Australia are the main bugbears.

@ryan this must have been a global phenomenon. I felt exactly the same a few days ago.

@ryan using elementary os or pop os are good choices as they have a nice graphical software installer built into the os. That being said, if I’m not on Linux using WSL on windows is quite good, so do what seems most fun! :D

@popey definitely going to try. This looks easier than swirling vinegar tornados.

@CubicleNate @fedora@twitter.activitypub.actor @opensuse this was a great read. I have run opensuse off and on for years, I’ve also liked and dabbled with fedora. I agree with almost everything you say here. Except I hate yast. I avoid it as much as possible when I run tumbleweed. :) Thanks again!

Why does it have to be so hard to get your amateur radio license in Australia? *sigh* Why won’t these examiners call me back :(

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