Just got my new pc. 32gb ram, 3900x, 1tb nvme ssd, Vega 64 for host os. Also got a 2080ti. I am doing gpu passthrough of the 2080ti for a Windows 10 vm so I can play windows only gaming. The Vega 64 is mostly being utilised in Davinci Resolve for video editing. This is the PC I’ve always dreamed of.

Been a while since I could participate in this. just set up my old Miix 700 with manjaro i3. This seems like a good fit. Only 1.8G of my 3.8G of ram used! That is with Firefox, Vscode, and Whalebird open! Changed some of the colors and themes. Not nearly done, but it was a good time.

This is my Kubuntu 18.04 desktop with Arc Dark, Papirus icons and a Unity layout.


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