Just got my new pc. 32gb ram, 3900x, 1tb nvme ssd, Vega 64 for host os. Also got a 2080ti. I am doing gpu passthrough of the 2080ti for a Windows 10 vm so I can play windows only gaming. The Vega 64 is mostly being utilised in Davinci Resolve for video editing. This is the PC I’ve always dreamed of.

Mate that PC is a beast! Congratulations is in order 🙂 How does the passthrough work? Do you have any guide you wold reccomend if I wanted to set that up? Do I need 2x graphic cards to utilize passthrough? And are you using regular Virtualbox? Sry for the bombardment of questions 😃


@Logain I'm very happy to oblige any questions. :)

How does it work? In short. Blacklist your 2nd graphics card and pass it to the host. Does it work on Vbox? Idk. I use qemu and virt-manager. Do you need 2 gpus? Kinda. You can use the igpu in your cpu if you have one. You can pass the one gpu back and forth, but that is tricky.

I primarily used this guide:

Sir, this is great! Thanks for the guide. Looking at it, it's obvious to me that I have a lot do learn before I can embark on this. But its it's always cool to learn anything new 🙂

@Logain Honestly it looks scarier than it is. It will probably take about 2 hrs the first time you attempt it, but after that you can probably do it in 30min give or take. The hardest part is the hardware requirements.

I believe you 🙂 Since I do not have the bank to buy a secong GPU at the moment, my way of doing this would be to keep my current 1080ti when I upgrade my pc in 1 or 2 years. But hopefully by then anti cheat works on Linux trough Proton. I mean... we have 6k games now, after only 1 year with Proton! Imagine what the next year will do 😁

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