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Interesting a bot at Microsoft is forking some open source repos and removing the license and copyright information. For example here is cups (the printing system used by both mac and Linux) That's actually very illegal.

Got my ham license this week. I’m super pumped!

Why does it have to be so hard to get your amateur radio license in Australia? *sigh* Why won’t these examiners call me back :(

It is really hard to find appropriate study material for an Australian amateur radio license. And finding online study material seems almost impossible. Who orders paper books these days? (I’m only half serious.)

I have been mailing my 2080ti back and forth from a certain online retailer for 1 year now. I have sent it back 4 times and each time there has either been “nothing wrong with it” or they have “fixed it”. I will never buy from this retailer again, nor will I buy such an expensive gpu again. It has been nothing but problems and I can’t afford to replace it. This is why I like brick and mortar. If I could go and talk to someone face to face I’m sure it would be swiftly sorted.

Can I just say to everyone I’ve interacted with on this platform - thank you. Every day I come on here and read such interesting posts by people like @ChrisWere, @DestinationLinux, @killyourfm etc, etc. This is by far the only social media platform I enjoy. Thank you all.

Ok Linux fans. If anyone knows an answer, please help a brother out. When I leave my computer for a long time and I come back and unlock my screen my running programs are often in different spots on my screen than where I left them. Does anyone else experience this and do you have a solution?

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That moment your work for countless months finally leads up to you being able to do actual UX development and not just architectural and SDK development. So incredibly satisfying.

Sorted out the Create Account view for said thing today as well and it went off without a hitch. 🎉

Been loving some World of Warcraft Classic on my Linux rig. Also streaming on mixer, which has been fun.

Just got my new pc. 32gb ram, 3900x, 1tb nvme ssd, Vega 64 for host os. Also got a 2080ti. I am doing gpu passthrough of the 2080ti for a Windows 10 vm so I can play windows only gaming. The Vega 64 is mostly being utilised in Davinci Resolve for video editing. This is the PC I’ve always dreamed of.

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So glad this is out! It's a good time to try Ubuntu Budgie. Give it a go.


19.04 Ubuntu Budgie is now available. Get it whilst it is hot!

Many thanks to devs, devs and all free-software devs wherever you are for allowing us to make this release :)


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@MichaelTunnell The guys on Destination Linux give you a hard time for your windows VM and call you a “filthy dual booster”.
However, if you were to ask them if someone who used a Linux VM on their Windows computer was a real desktop Linux user, I bet they would say no. Let them puzzle that out and defend that double standard. 😸 I would love to hear that discussion on Destination Linux.

Been a while since I could participate in this. just set up my old Miix 700 with manjaro i3. This seems like a good fit. Only 1.8G of my 3.8G of ram used! That is with Firefox, Vscode, and Whalebird open! Changed some of the colors and themes. Not nearly done, but it was a good time.

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Anyone know what software is used to make that waveformy video that goes along with the audio for Linux Unplugged?

Anyone know what software is used to make that waveformy video that goes along with the audio for Linux Unplugged?

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