Re @MightyMouseJo1 give it a couple of months
for the stench of his lies to drift away

AJ will reinvent himself and Pie
Pie will be back

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ONE Country is FREE says a Canadian Living Abroad

A listener explains how the 3rd world country he’s living in is FREE

Was the border wall, and now the closing of all air and sea travel a plan to imprison us?


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You actually DIDN'T listen to a thing I said

the STEAL was when they took
YOUR life
YOUR property
YOUR liberty
YOUR job

The hell with politicians like Trump who stood there and helped Fauci & globalists

Infowars was pushing fear/lockdown from MARCH 2020
So — follow Judas Goats

Spasskyfan: @libertytarian You characterized "Stop the Steal" as "a distraction". Wow, how stunningly wrong. You used to be good, measured, smart. Somehow, you've taken a hard left. Now you're an acidic anti-Trumper...

Re @SharylAttkisson More like 1st week, or 1st day

It is a political virus, spread by the media

If you didn't watch CNN,FOX,etc
you'd never know it existed
you'd be puzzled why travel has been suspended and everyone wearing

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What Deaths of Larry King & Hank Aaron Tells Us About Media's Pandemic

17 yo hospitalized in ICU w chest pains after 2nd dose

GOP Congressman wants to bribe vaccinations by withholding “stimulus” of $1400 unless you get vaccinated.

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RT Me here
So after nearly a year I finally know people who have Covid. Two people. Both work for the NHS. Both had the vaccine this month. 🤔 Coincidence?

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RT Hayley Forrest - member of the 99%
I was at hospital at the weekend. Staff seem fed up. All facilities for food and drink closed. Nurses complaining about poor quality face masks affecting their breathing.

Bodies in the halls? No. A&E over run? No. Ambulances in emergency?

Pandemic? No.

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A lot of people are complaining that DLive is suppressing notifications to followers when we go live.

This follows demonetization last week

If you're fed up with DLive, we also livestream on TROVO

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COVID vax for dogs/cats?

IA2030 (Immunization Agenda 2030) slogan was
- everyone
- everywhere
- every age
— now we can add EVERY SPECIE...will have to take EVERY vaccine they can imagine

Why not? They treat us like dogs, like their pets

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RT Glenn Greenwald
Re The idea that times have changed - that free speech can't be tolerated because of the threat of extremism - is ahistorical bullshit.

Chomsky did this in Western Europe just a few decades after a Holocaust that wiped out his family. Full 10 minute video:

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RT Carrie Madej, D.O.
Do not fall
for the deceit and lies of big pharma, the NWO, and your sold out politicians.... Open your eyes and see the bigger agenda. It is a war between good and evil; a battle for your mind, body, and soul. The vax is the endgame.

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ONE YEAR Anniversary
The Year The World Became China


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