I think mastodon is suitabke for IT engineers.

It is big fun there are a lot of multilingual Japanese users in this instance.

@lounger1oo3b Thanks for following me! 中途半端に英語でTootしてますがお気になさらずw

To TOOT or not to TOOT that is the question.. or not.

My boss has totally forgotten about a meeting which started 1hour ago. poor man..

@shishimong なにか初々しい感じが懐かしいですよね。mstdn.jpは現在重いですしねー。日本の主流サーバーができれば、そちらにアカウント再登録しようかとも思っていますが。

@shishimong ここも完璧クローズドなわけではないので、最低限の注意は必要ですけどね・・(笑)


Testing how much I can type within 500 character limit.
I toot in the morning, I toot in the afternoon, I toot in the night.
Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy old Dog.
Once upon a time there was a dude.
He was living in a small yet kinda big country called Japan.
He was a young hard working business man but one day there came a little accident that changed his whole life. He was hit by a truck, and died --or he thought he did, his body crushed and hurt so badly and... Oh, this is really long!!

Local Timeline for twitter... that's an idea.. But I'm sure many people are already using # tags for kinda similar use


Not sure how many people actually want to have English communication here but I give it a try. Follow ME... if you want to live lol

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