This thread about Star Trek: Discovery's season, tomorrow's season finale, and what season 3 might bring.

(Follow up and down.)

@wilw Wil, I don't know if you will be reading this but I figure I might as well do it.

If you wish to rejoin the fediverse, you are welcome to join I will deal with any false reports accordingly.

@aurynn I'm not sure how I will cope with 20x more nice people in my online life.

I'm following 26 accounts, but Home says I'm not following anyone yet. I must be ahead of my time.

The first person to live to 1000 years old has already been born...

...OR the last person to survive this madness has already been born.

Slim chance it's the same person.

I wonder if I can enable text-to-speech and just let the Japanese wash over me.

So I'm kind of moving on from the Drupal now. Or it moved on from me, I can't tell. Wondering what's next. Hugo is looking very tempting. It's really more to tinker than anything else. Something with a clean slate for proper theming. Anyone with Hugo insights?

anxiety-provoking thoughts 

is mocking your fragility transcending it, or merely a performative display to show the world how you've transcended your fragility

is broadcasting your thoughts to the void about your fragility you being thoughtful, or you performing thoughtfulness

are you even a real being or a series of performances

Yes, I am judging you.
Yes, you are failing.
No, I don't think you have any chance of success... but try anyway. It's amusing.

@ParanoidCoder I've joined several instances. So far I'm enjoying how they're all so different. Diverse peoples, diverse communities.

@Ian_Fry Interesting speculation:

The first person to live 1,000 years has already been born.

I can't read a stitch of the local timeline right now, but it looks like they're having fun.

TFW you can read more federated toots than local toots.


US: Mastodon is living proof that you don't need to monetise a service for it to be useful to others or self-sustaining.

TECH PUNDITS: Mastodon STILL has no plan for commercialisation or monetisation! Tut tut!

Just realized we're coming up on . Dang, I feel old.

Regular expressions are like magic spells. I always have to look them up in a spellbook, and the people that know how to use them by heart are wizards.

In last 96 hours on , I found:
- 3 sci-fi I haven't read before
- 50 great sites
- five programming concepts
- three
- ideas on /#GS for teaching
- insights on how to debate in

Over the same 96 hours, similar browsing, in Facebook and Twitter, I found:
- 50 different posts about funny memes on Airlines
- Several hundred vanity posts and selfies
- 1 article on
- Trolls fighting with each other.
Go figure!

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