I remember seeing a toot by someone who's been quietly running some white-hat security scripts on various M instances. This is a Big Deal, that all instances have sound sysadmin management. It's more than just keeping the M software up to date. Our trust is in the hosts' hands.

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@laura I think this is one of the potential problems with the M model: many rush to set up instances, get people joining and have no real capacity to manage or secure them, and possibly no long term commitment to doing so.

@jerry Few seem to even change the favicon. It's plug-n-play. Oops.

@jerry @laura I am optimistic. Some of the white hat #hackers I saw were trying to create resources based on their findings. Ideally, we'll see these changes reflected in the #Mastodon versions of the future.
(Sorry for the hashtags, but I'm trying to make it possible to find later)

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