Something that always improves my week is a weekly email newsletter of popular culture edited by Alasdair Stuart (from Pseudopod etc).

Give it a try:

Nice twighlight walk.
Timed just rafter rain, clear air, amazing Dr.W for company.

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#YouGotThis Conf is back!

A non-stop, 26 hour, livestreamed, extravaganza designed to upskill & empower you developers of all levels.

I'll be giving a talk about how to get over Bloggers' Block.


πŸ“† January 14-15 2023


This afternoon we went over to the New Forest and took a lovely walk amongst the Redwoods, Sequoia and other trees.
Weather fab, nice to be out in nature.

Finale of latest Cobrakai is SO good.
I love that show.

Totally, absolutely, no excuses going to write the blog post I meant to write last week about containerising our development environment this weekend... honest

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Happy Friday!
Looking down the barrel of a 9 day weekend.

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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai: An Introduction to the Iconic Japanese Woodblock Print in 17 Minutes

In honor of the wave that wasn't.

As much as I welcome and invite colleagues past and present to share their woes... nothing beats a day like today when I receive a followup message saying things are going great.❀️❀️❀️

Come on docker/cpanm get along nicely please.

No need to stop working on me like this.

Cpanm installed happily in my dockerfile... untill it basically can't talk to internet because... reasons

Dear past, present and future me... build more observability into every piece of software you write.

In related news, shoe-horning observability into legacy code so you can understand a potential bug is a challenge.

Watching Adrian Paul's "Tracker" from 2001.
Never heard of it till today.

There can be only one... series. πŸ˜‰

hi @samir I saw in Perl weekly that Mohammad name dropped me about Perl podcasts and your blog post.. was/is a attempt at bringing the old perl podcast back to life.
Has some great old interviews and I'd love to collaborate with people who like me would love to see a Perl Podcast come to life.

Hello mastodon-verse, it's been a while.
Whats happening? Is Tusky a good android client? What about instances, is there a good developer centric one?
So many questions I know. :-)

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