Checking back in to see how things are progressing here. has reignited my interest in free software and decentralized networks (outside of ).

Anyone using this regularly?

@bitcoinyuri right now I find myself manually checking Mastodon a few times a day. probably because the Android app doesn't have notifications ;)

Is there a bot for autoposting tweets on Mastodon?

I like that I can't see the favorite/boost numbers.
I am not biased by the perceived popularity of a toot

@kalle @aantonop also possible network effect will build around a few major instances that only connect with each other. in that case, being able to move to another instance not that valuable.

@aantonop @kalle there is some friction with migrating to another instance which can be an issue if you trust an instance you should not have trusted. I think solutions for this exist though.

Android devs of the #tootersphere please help make Tusky better! It desperately needs notifications. That is all, thanks.

@kalle @aantonop still trying to figure out the flaws with the system. seems instances may have too much power if it were to scale.

I didn't realize Diaspora was connected to the fediverse too.

@aantonop heh same thing just happened to me. i was surprised how many people are already on here.

@cws good point. you could just send out a direct message to all of them when it happens i suppose.

@Valentin_NC ah. if true that makes much more sense from scaling perspective :)

@chaeseco seems like it could be solved with blockstack. have users be able to change their name via entry on the blockchain, each instance automatically checks the blockchain for changes.

Do you lose all of your followers if you migrate to another instance?

@stephenchip you can import/export data, which makes me think you'd have to backup your data if you want to restore it elsewhere. itd also be impossible to restore your followers, so you lose all of them if an instance goes down?

So where is all my data stored? Just on this local instance or across all instances?

@dandarkpill refreshing the page seems the do the trick usually. not sure how dynamic this web app is when it comes to that.

Generalistic and moderated instance.