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Apologies to Gab users, but I had to block the entire domain because I was getting a veritable hailstorm of follow requests from spambots. It was getting ridiculous, so I had to take a drastic solution. If you notice your follow was removed, that's the reason. Sorry about that.

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" I'm a NB character designer/illustrator from Italy, looking to take part in game projects or just receive design commissions. Monster girls/gijinka are my strong suit but I can draw humans just fine too!
My contacts:
e-mail: kama_chan AT hotmail DOT it
Twitter: @kurobinayuki"

(Original date: 21 Sep 2018)

Apologies to Gab users, but I had to block the entire domain because I was getting a veritable hailstorm of follow requests from spambots. It was getting ridiculous, so I had to take a drastic solution. If you notice your follow was removed, that's the reason. Sorry about that.

100% of SHAFT's signature reference-laden, wacky, experimental animation, but a whole lot gayer? Yeah, I think that works as a description of "Pani Poni Dash!". Easily one of my favourites from the 200X decade. Also features my favourite among Nonaka Ai's roles.

(Original date: 23 Feb 2020)

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The Ushio to Tora 2015 anime had proper closure and everything, but the original OVA will always have a special place in my heart as my gateway into the manga and youkai as a theme. Also the second OP was AMAZING.
Look it up if you're in the mood for an injection of pure '90s.

(Original date: 23 Feb 2020)

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I'll start with a lesser known Miyazaki series (though he could only direct 6 episodes), co-produced with Italian broadcaster RAI. Meitantei Holmes suffered from a troubled production, but it's a delightful, high-energy period piece and I recommend tracking it down if you can.

(Original date: 23 Feb 2020)

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Let's play this one while I work on comms. Selection is probably going to be a little hodgepodge but, humour me if you will.

(Original date: 23 Feb 2020)

(Note: based on original tweet's likes.)

I was looking at Riamu from Idolmaster and I suddenly realized that if she were fully pink she'd just be cutesy, but the neon teal accents add a "toxic" note that hints at how broken she is on the inside. Like fashion aposematism.

She's like a poison dart frog that needs help.

(Original date: 16 Feb 2020)

My focus is still horrible, but I still tried designing a youkai like I haven't done in a while. Sure is cold these days!

She's a yukinbo, a very obscure "cousin" of the yuki-onna from the Oomiya village (now Kyoutango) in the Kyoto prefecture. An odd youkai whose body is made of snow and pine resin, making it more resilient to heat than other snow youkai.

(Original date: 13 Feb 2020)

Beware the eyes of RAMBACHA!!
(Anyone remember this game?)

(Late for Monoeye Day, but on time for maybe?)

(Original date: 1 Feb 2020)

And I'm done!

I have to say, it wasn't as bad as most of us thought it was going to be, but compared to XY and SM... still a bit of a dim bulb.
GameFreak REALLY need to give themselves a few years of time for the next one. For now, my vacation in Galar was a fun one nonetheless.

(Original date: 24 Jan 2020)

Also, when I play RPGs with recruitable characters (Pokémon, Disgaea, etc.) I name them after appropriate fictional characters I like. In this case, since you control a party of soul-infused puppets, I went with a theme of characters that died in their respective canons.

It's a pretty great idea, if I can say so myself.

It also made picking names a lot harder because I don't actually follow a whole lot of series with a body count to their name.

(Original date: 20 Jan 2020)

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Got Labyrinth of Refrain as a late Christmas gift. Maybe it's the choice of starting party, but I'm actually doing reasonably well so far.

Or so I thought, until I got my head sliced off by a squirrel.

(Original date: 20 Jan 2020)

So I'm like "I wanna try getting something on the Showdown trade chat, but I need a bargaining chip. I'll just breed this Love Ball Feebas I got from a Surprise Trade."

I hatch the first egg and WWWWWHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT

(Original date: 8 Jan 2020)

1. I never traveled outside of the country until I visited Japan 3-4 years ago
2. Mizuki Shigeru is my personal hero
3. I have a phobia of slugs/snails
4. I used to be an accomplished (if flaky) journal-based RPer
5. I can 100% The Great Cave Offensive without reading a FAQ

(Original date: 5 Jan 2020)

Knocked out a postcard art real quick. Happy New Year!

... Please don't ask how is she eating mochi underwater 💦

おもちうにょーん (´・ω・`)

(Original date: 1 Jan 2020)

I don't have any closing words for the new year, or any resolutions. In part because the past few years have been a series of false starts and general letdowns for me. So the next year, the next decade, rather than talking about it I'm just going to... do it. Whatever "it" is.

(Original date: 31 Dec 2019)

... I'm sorry, could you repeat?

(Original date: 25 Dec 2019)

Yesterday someone more or less asked "Why don't they make movies/games/etc. like these anymore?" My answer:

Because in the current creative industry, where everyone is a disposable pawn, there's no more room to cultivate talent.

Once we finally abandon extreme capitalism and start treating creatives like human beings again, you'll be up to your knees in genius artists, filmmakers etc. creating memorable works that endure the test of time.

(Original date: 18 Dec 2019)

Posting Team B (pending) before I go finish some comm work.

Not going to livetweet this time around for the record, I like it but I'm not THAT into it.

(Original date: 17 Dec 2019)

There are more besides these, but I haven't developed them enough yet to write about them. Still, I hope this puts my recent work more in perspective.

Thanks for reading this far!

(Original date: 12 Dec 2019)

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