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Came to the conclusion that my commission prices vs. time spent on them while balancing with my main job needed an update, so here are the new rates. Also reminder that I have a Patreon and Ko-fi you can support me on.

(Original date: Apr 7 2022)

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" I'm a NB character designer/illustrator from Italy, looking to take part in game projects or just receive design commissions. Monster girls/gijinka are my strong suit but I can draw humans just fine too!
My contacts:
e-mail: kama_chan AT hotmail DOT it
Twitter: @kurobinayuki"

(Original date: 21 Sep 2018)

The above three are all OCs. First one belongs more to @\MidnightTe4, but from the left:

- Gracia - yuki-onna (Arctic hare)
- Yuu - yuki-onna (Ezo mountain hare)
And in a Twitter first:
- Totoko - rabbit youkai (Japanese hare) inspired by the Kachi-Kachi Yama fairy tale

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Still on time! ... Still on time, right?

I want to thank all the friends who encouraged me, gave me critique or just kept me company while I worked on this. Thank you, guys : x

Definitely too late for but... still wanted to post it. I wanted to finish sooner, but life got in the way.

Still, well, I appreciate this dragon : x

(Originally posted on Jan 20 2023)

Kinda feel like I'm starting to lose track of my collection, to be honest. Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes... it's all a blur.

So then, I'll see you guys in the new year. I'm gonna go to bed.

Just to have something sorta meaningful to the day, here's my top 5 music albums of 2022. I put them together in video format, but I'm afraid it'll get taken down so I'll just post a list.

To be clear, this is the top 5 album I *got* this year, not that *came out* this year.

YES! It took four months, but it finally made it here.

Time to wear sunglasses at night and let the evil flow forth.

Two games late since 2008.

Experimented a little on lining with @\koganiku's help.

Found this guy in a local shop to my great surprise and... I might've had a little too much fun with him.

Thank the gods they walked that awful decision back, even if a tad too late. I'm still going to keep my art in storage for now while I look for a way to download it as an archive and ideally either import it to a different site or self-host it.

All right, let's see if I can do something for ... I don't want to just keep reposting stuff, so how about this Shizumu sketch I never shared?

Phew. After FINALLY solving a technical issue, I'm done crossposting all my Twitter art and recent tweets to this account, just for a worst-case scenario. If you were confused by some of my toots, that's because they were backdated.

I'll still post both on Twitter and here (provided I don't have to move away from the former), the only difference will be art here won't be resized to avoid auto-compression.

過去絵だけど どうぞ

(Original date: Nov 4 2022)

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