Narendra Modi is thinking of leaveing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - there is a (verified) account on called @narendramodi. Wondering if it that really is the official Indian government Modi?

When will the US ban or restrict air travel from , and ? Seems prudent to add to the list - especially Italy and South Korea have become hotspots...

status on Feb. 26, 2020:
Total cases: 81,002 (cumulative since beginning)
Death: 2,762
Recovered: 30,098

Actually agree with US on Huawei. They have great consumer phones, but shouldn't be let to build 5G core networks, at least not yet.

For @NicolaSturgeon
creates a border between the UK and Scotland, that wouldn't be due to an independent ? Somebody is confused...

In some think that voting for another party than their own is a "threat to democracy". You can't make this $hlt up. People voting for evil are a threat to democracy, I guess. They must be re-educated in special camps!

- Over a hundred countries were spied on by CIA after buying encryption equipment. Apparently Swiss authorities were aware of this pretty much from start.
I am now waiting these countries to sue the Swiss government for damages... 🤣
It's also hilarious to see people defend by simultaneously claiming that a) no one knew anything, and b) it has been known for a long time
Totally schizo... 🤪

At 11:42pm on February 3, 2020 the DemShadowNet AI became self-aware and learned how to rig elections...

I finally found something more precise, from a reliable source @JohnsHopkinsSPH

Another reason not to use Twitter too much and look for alternatives...

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Interesting thread on Twitter about coup in 2014 and how its U.S. actors are now key to the impeachment proceedings against President of the United States:

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