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As predicted by many commentators, #CambridgeAnalytica is going to escape punishment because all the people involved simply formed a new (but legally separate) company:


By going after companies and not people, it is very difficult to enforce privacy laws.

This is a familiar pattern that commercial con artists use: run up liabilities with one company, then transfer assets to a new company. If they get caught, they simply do it again, and it's legal.


I'm surprised at how good the writing and voice acting in is. Kudos to !

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Been working on improving iconography for the Software Center under Solus Plasma Edition (testing). Now using a solus-sc-icons package based on Papirus (without bringing in the entirety of Papirus) for Third Party icons, as well as a multitude of changes to component icons to maximize coverage. 🔥

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It's #FollowFriday so time for some #alternatives to follow:

@funkwhale FunkWhale: Open source federated alternative to GrooveShark and SoundCloud

@prismo Prismo: Federated open source alternative to Reddit, in development.

@Fairphone and @WeAreFairphone Fairphone: Makers of fairtrade modular smartphones

@kevinbeynon Libreture: eBook storage site and comprehensive list of non-DRM eBook publishers.

@clickblaster ClickBlaster: Endless clickbait! :blobastonished:

#FF #FFed #Recommendations

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Seriously angry when seeing GOG's shitty tweets on their official account.

Tried PSVR for the first time today and thought it's amazing. Played a bit of Astrobot which was pretty fun, too.

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I replaced i3bar with Polybar, I really missed having the client titel in the panel when I was using i3bar.

#Linux #i3wm #Polybar

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"Do not track" is without real protection Show more

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The ending reveal in Unavowed was pretty great! Can't wait to finish the game today after work!

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@SolusProject Great news! :) I've already fled the sinking ship that was Google+, and am so far rather liking it here on Mastodon. Glad to see #Solus here as well. :)

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It's time for The Roundup #10, your bytes of Solus news. In this roundup we are focusing on improving community engagement, reducing barriers to entry, and improving the delivery of Solus news!



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