Dark souls is a metaphor for taking the nofap pledge, losing your humanity is cumming

Remember to use quotation marks when talking about "overpopulation" as it's not a real thing - we're simply quoting genocidal racists and eugenics freaks



how are we not centering the people who cultivated and inherited knowledge of the land in how solutions are even talked about?

colonialism's relationship to the land means the colonized have a knowledge of the land that the colonizer doesn't. who knows better than the people who worked the plantations, ran away from them. coloniality means that the afterlife is present through inherited knowledge of the land among the colonized

and yet, here we are.......

Giving up coffee was great I'm way more relaxed and also fall asleep randomly during the day

i thought i was logged out and forgot my password but it just wanted me to do a tutorial

Working on music and thinking wow composition planning is more important than instrument planning

arrested for using old bug houses to ferment cheese but they let me out for gouda bee hive of yore

games done quack, a speedrunning event ran entirely by and for ducks

It turns out, some plants can hear! Their flowers can hear the sound of insects buzzing around, and they react by sweetening their nectar to make pollination more tempting.


Found a copy of skate 3 in value village so that's what my weekends gonna be about

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