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Now that I’ve finally settled on my spot in the Fediverse, I suppose it’s time for an #introduction

👋 Hello! I'm a #software #engineer building mostly web stuff. Backend, #golang, #typescript, dabble in #ops & #sre. Located in #wichita #kansas I organize devICT (

Currently building at Zapier. Civic and gov tech before, mostly Decided after 7 years to see what good I can do elsewhere.

Also enjoy #games #books #music #writing and a ton of other stuff. ✌️

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Government Accountability Office Chief Information Officer (SES)

I missed this one the first time around, but this is a huge deal! The CIO of GAO is an amazing role at the center of federal government-wide oversight! Closes today!!!

mastdon meta question help please 

So one of our newest members over at pointed me to the documentation for removing the subdomain part from our account names & lookups but preserving the subdomain for web access.

Does anyone know if this breaks your existing followers if you implement this after the accounts are created???

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Seeing some posts talking about fediblocking turning Mastodon into a "filter bubble." No. We absolutely do not need abusive or fascist views to have a high level of intellectual diversity. Full stop. That hate can fester somewhere else.

After 20 years of social media, the experiment has been run. Hateful people are unconvinced by rational argument, so there's no point engaging with them.

This is a rotten, disingenuous, meritless argument, from A to Z.

Fascism is to be defeated, not debated.

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Politics mastodon meta 

People on here be like “well the German government runs a mastodon instance, I don’t see why the US cant?”

Folks, the German government is smaller than a single US post office. Easy to create 100 accounts. The US has over 75,000 organizational units last I counted.

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Hello World! is a mastodon community for Public Interest Tech folks, Civic Tech people, Govpunks, and other civillian government folks!

And it will be opening very soon!

You can head over to our website and JOIN the list to be added!

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To share this again after moving servers: I've set up a little online directory of #govtech #civictech users across the Fediverse.

We currently have ~70 people listed from across 7 countries.

Take a look (and, if you like, add yourself) at

Community building is fun and all, but taking the day off to play !

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Census Bureau Emerging Technology Fellowship (GS-15)

The Census Bureau's Emerging Technology Fellowship is now accepting applicants! They're looking for folks with broad experience in programming, data, AI, and other disciplines to improve data-driven government services through the xD program!

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National Institutes of Health Deputy Chief Information Security Officer (GS-15)

NIH (under the Department of Health And Human Services) is looking to fill their open Deputy CISO slot! This is a supervisory role at a critically important agency!

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fedi "regional" timelines idea 

i wonder if there's room for one (or more) layers in-between local and federated, where a few like-minded instances could have like a "regional" timeline?

this could help relieve pressure to join specific instances with cool local timelines, while still letting new folks plug into interesting micro communities.

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At a meta level, something I find mildly interesting is how many people are writing stuff on Mastodon about how it's impossible for Mastodon to scale up without using an ad supported model (b/c server costs), it's better to have ranked feeds because most people want them, etc.

The thing I think is interesting is that the people writing this stuff, implicitly, seemingly cannot conceive of a model where the organization is not growth and profit maximizing.

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Y'all, I keep seeing the posts saying "oh someone could steal your identity on Twitter if you close your account!"

Folks - the platform literally lets you buy an official verification for $8. Protecting your handle ain't gonna do shit.

Just get out of there - in a week, no one is going to trust that platform as a source of authentic truth any more than they do *chan today.

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Just a peek into my manic-energy list for the week. Yes, I'm bringing web buttons back! (See )

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How dbt Labs demonstrates its inclusive value by correcting Taiwan in country list 💜

ISO 3166-1 country list names considered harmful. use GENC names if you work on international user-facing products.

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I wrote this post on how to get started with #Ruby on Rails for folks who are new to coding. Sometimes the hard part is finding the right resources when there are so many.

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Wrote a blog on why AWS never dove seriously into blockchain. Features groovy pix from a trip to New York, which is part of the story:

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"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of VC pitch decks cried out in terror and were suddenly denied a well used talking point." #blockchain #crypto #vc

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