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By clicking on links back to Twitter you are being counted as an active user on that site and enhancing the value of Musk’s asset.


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It’s #GivingTuesday. Stimpunks Foundation helps neurodivergent and disabled people stay housed, fed, connected, and alive.

We pay neurodivergent and disabled people to work and live. We pay expenses like rent and medical bills as well as buy medical equipment or other necessities. Unlike most foundations, we support individuals directly, maximizing our impact in neurodivergent and disabled people’s lives and communities.

I just wrote a very long post about how you, personally, can help to build more resilient and sustainable networks on the web, so that we don't lose contact with each other when one collapses. Because they always, always will collapse.

Spoiler: make a website, write some blog posts, add a links page. And then let's collaborate on more open standards!

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Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

It's ! Which means a great time to help out some great causes!

Just a reminder that you can get one of my Move Carefully and Fix Things stickers for FREE if you donate to the Human Utility! Here's how:

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Got @EOPbot up and running!

This is an update of my bot from the birdsite which posts policy updates from OMB, OSTP, OPM, etc.

If you're interested in give it a follow!

@jackyan I'm just keeping my eye out for a good one at the moment!

But I keep coming back to look at this one:

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Re my last boosted post by @darius - we're running his fork, Hometown, on the instance and it's super cool to get to learn about the thinking behind the design choices in it

(also I still want quote-posts lol, it's if you want to click through)

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oh hi, good morning! I'm excited to be an advisor to the brand-new Judicial Innovation Fellows program from Georgetown Tech & Law. want to help Americans in some of their most challenging relationships with government? want to help the wonderful people who run courts make them more accessible? know a state court that would interested in hosting a fellow? sign up for more info!

@xor "Photo unavailable due to mysterious reasons."

@kissane Aaaand now that's stuck in my head to the tune of Ça Plane Pour Moi.

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NYC Office of Technology and Innovation - Assistant Commissioner, Digital Services

The New York City Office of Technology and Innovation is looking for a director for their Digital Services team!

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Department of Housing and Urban Development - Chief Technology Officer (SES)

HUD is looking for a Chief Technology Officer to oversee their technology execution. This includes policy oversight, including their Enterprise Architecture division.

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Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid-19 misinformation policy, per this message on its transparency site

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Something to consider if you are choosing to remain active on #Twitter: The sole reason that right-wingers love Musk turning it into a safe haven for them is so they can abuse, torment, and harass you. If you stop using the platform, or go dark by going private, deleting your old tweets, and following no one, you remove their reason to go there too. Remember how none of them wanted to be Parler, or Gab, or Truth Social? It was because there was no one there to harass.

@jackyan ooh I’ve been working out the details of getting a kei truck, easy to fix since it’s usually just a motorcycle engine!

Is there a way to view pinned hashtags if you're *not* in the Advanced web view? (I also don't use any of the apps.)

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