In the latest episode of my let's play, we get started on oil processing! We build our plastic production line in preparation for our rail network!

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In today's new Let's Play episode, I build a solar power station using the Refined Power mod, and show off the design pattern I use for power management in my factories!

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I haven’t quite figured out what to do with my YouTube content - separate mastodon account maybe? - so in the meantime I’ll post stuff here…

I’ve got a few new episodes of Enderprise Architecture going up this week! Today’s build is a massive tower for the space elevator!

(Also if you all have recs for mastodon servers for please let me know!)

I'm late on

Hi, I'm Bill, a software engineer - turned policy pusher - turned bureaucrat

Most folks know me for my work (OpenGov Fndn & Sunlight Fndn)

or my work around : OMB/White House, USDS@VA, SBA, currently SEC

I consider myself a (though I am *actually* a former-sometimes person) and I make silly shirts & stickers

I also have a & streaming series

(Also: if you want to support my silly projects, the best way to do that at the moment is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my dumb and videos.

I don't make *any* money from it but the dopamine-reward cycle is payment enough.)

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