It's been a while, but I have once again spent the entire morning writing .

I shall celebrate with a long walk for mediocre pizza and looking at leaves, followed by a nice afternoon session on our shared server. (send me a message if you want to join!)

I also run a small server for civic tech/public interest tech/etc. friends which I'm always happy to have folks join! We have community group plays Thursday nights starting around 6PM ET, but folks are welcome any time.

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I'm late on

Hi, I'm Bill, a software engineer - turned policy pusher - turned bureaucrat

Most folks know me for my work (OpenGov Fndn & Sunlight Fndn)

or my work around : OMB/White House, USDS@VA, SBA, currently SEC

I consider myself a (though I am *actually* a former-sometimes person) and I make silly shirts & stickers

I also have a & streaming series

(Also: if you want to support my silly projects, the best way to do that at the moment is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my dumb and videos.

I don't make *any* money from it but the dopamine-reward cycle is payment enough.)

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