It's ! Which means a great time to help out some great causes!

Just a reminder that you can get one of my Move Carefully and Fix Things stickers for FREE if you donate to the Human Utility! Here's how:

Happy CyberMonday! I've added a bunch of new swag in the shop! Celebrate Clinger-Cohen and more!

It's getting colder out there, so I also added long-sleeve and sweatshirt versions of all the designs!

(As a reminder, I don't run the store directly and I do not make *any* money off of these!)

Working on a couple of new shirt drops for the shop - I swapped out the five-pointed star for an eleven-pointed star and I think this looks a bit better? What do y'all think?

Just a peek into my manic-energy list for the week. Yes, I'm bringing web buttons back! (See )

Just when I got my number of Slacks under control now I have too many mastodon accounts.

Well, would you look at that? Cyberpunk can be a manual and not just a warning after all! 😬

uspol ITPolicy 

Perfect timing there OMB friends. 😖

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In the latest episode of my let's play, we get started on oil processing! We build our plastic production line in preparation for our rail network!

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Hey friends, remember how hard it just was to find everyone on here? Let me tell you how we're gonna fix that moving forward:

Links pages! And not just regular links pages, RDF-enhanced FOAF links pages! Automatically find your folks.

I'll write a full blog post about this later, but for now, here's a preview of what I've done in Jekyll. Web 1.1 solutions to modern problems!

Now go join my webring!

In today's new Let's Play episode, I build a solar power station using the Refined Power mod, and show off the design pattern I use for power management in my factories!

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Remember that time that the Iron Chefs kept losing so Chairman Kaga boycott the battle but watched in secret from the sidelines with a glass of wine? All four Iron Chefs showed up for basically the first time ever, but Chen per usual came in and cleaned up the mess? That was *intense.*

A reminder that the internet is for pictures

Katsu & Ume say, “Meow World”!

I just donated to the legal fundraiser for Webcomic Name who drew the famous Oh No series (pictured below).

Okay I did it: I submitted to GSA 10X my proposal for 😬

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