I just wrote a very long post about how you, personally, can help to build more resilient and sustainable networks on the web, so that we don't lose contact with each other when one collapses. Because they always, always will collapse.


Spoiler: make a website, write some blog posts, add a links page. And then let's collaborate on more open standards!

I made a small tweak to the post about building a sustainable network on the web to add support for the hCard microformat to my links page template! More open standards!

@krusynth So glad you mention FOAF. I haven't touched my own web site in a while. I'm sure the FOAF standard has upgraded since I last used it, 2004.

@krusynth about 14 years ago I blogged like crazy, linked to my blog and told people to do the same and "always own your own little piece of the web, something that no one can take from you". And then I abandoned the blog and just posted to social media. I should probably do something about that, like start my own little piece of the web again. #regrets #blog #collaborate

@krusynth I've been looking on my blog basically as an SEO device and forgetting about its possibly as a social network node. Thanks for helping me think about it!

@krusynth Sounds a lot like @hrheingold 's 4th digital literacy to me: Network awareness 😉

@krusynth Awww FOAF takes me back! Now I gotta go see whatever happened to XFN.

@andymatic Still being used, and part of Mastodon!


But don't just let this stuff *take you back*, let it take us *forward*!

@danielstucke Come for the hot takes, stay for the open standards!

@krusynth Eagerly await the follow up regarding cheap (free?) ways to host your own site/blog. Been looking at some options but given my tiny tiny requirements even the most modest hosting packages seem overkill!

@krusynth Thoughtful post. Thank you very much for sharing those Jekyll templates. Added them to my todo list for today.

@krusynth Thanks for this post. Being on Mastodon reminds me of the good old days of the web when there were numerous web standards and open protocols and people actively shared blogposts. Then came microblogging and things changed (for good or for bad). It's time to revive the good old web with Fediverse and Mastodon.

@krusynth I’ve been rebuilding my site and will be taking some of these recommendations on board.

Thanks for sharing!

@krusynth I already have a website but no blog. Do I need to add a blog? Seems like if I have a blog I should add links but I’m the opposite?

@monicacarmean @krusynth I moved my website hosting over to Wordpress so I could write blog posts. WP also has better servers for SEO purposes.

@monicacarmean I recommend adding a blog to your website, for many reasons. Foremost: I think people should share what they know!

Medium is fine, but what happens if it goes away, like so many sites before? Or if they start enforcing their current paywall on all content, not just opt-in? Or have some other weird content policy like deciding to sell your content to third parties?

Decentralization is key.

What kinda website do you have? Adding a blog probably isn’t too hard!

@krusynth bill you are my favorite public sector technologist and I hope to emulate this work soon! Ugh why do I always have so many projects going on??

@anatecture aww shucks 😊 Thank you!!!

This is a good problem to have! Better than being bored!

I always have way too many projects as well! I keep lists of things I need or want to do for each of them, so when I have the time and inclination I can do a few small things or a big thing. Like tonight I wasn’t feeling productive so I just tweaked my links page, pushed up some blank button templates, and started reviewing my webring code for wider distribution. Small easy tasks!

@krusynth Today I led a #speculativedesign symposium I designed at GSA, so I’m creatively tapped out…maybe there are some small tasks I could find, and that could be restorative?

@anatecture sounds like a good plan! Maybe making a list of tinytasks would be a good start! Or whatever creative process works for you! Doodling is fine too. :)

@anatecture I’m super-interested about this speculative design workshop though!

(Disruption & speculative design was the primary topic of the Bruce Sterling talk I linked to in that blog post above!)

@krusynth oh cool! I actually didn’t think I’ve read Bruce Sterling, so I’ll check your link out!

Happy to post the materials from the symposium: prompts to sketches to final choreography! Actually assembling that might be a good tiny task…I already have them, after all :)

Still to come: the aggregation and report, but that’s for next week. No need to think about that now…

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