Spent some time today figuring out what posts I want to port into the new static version of my site. Got most everything wrangled so it looks how I like it. A little bit more work to do refining the layout and then I cut over from Wordpress to a Jekyll-built static site. At a minimum I'm going to start to put more of my recipes out there on it. When I get over that bit of impostor complex I have, I see that folks like what I cook and I'd like to share that.

@monkeyninja I made this switch a few years back and pretty much build EVERYTHING in Jekyll these days - happy to answer any questions!

(Though given that there’s now an ActivityPub plugin for Wordpress, I’m actually looking at reversing back!)

@krusynth you were definitely already on my list of people I suspected I could send baked goods in return for answering a few questions so thank you for that 🙂. I’ve done one other simple static site but two rodeos is definitely not enough rodeos to know what I’m doing.

@monkeyninja fair! I’ve learned a few neat tricks along the way - playing with plugins and filters and data files… it’s remarkably flexible for a static generator!

Are you self-hosting or GitHub pages or what?

@krusynth I was planning to self-host and use a GitHub workflow to publish to my Dreamhost server, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. The one static site I setup for GitHub pages was super simple to setup but I don't know if there's a recommended way to do this or not.

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