Community building is fun and all, but taking the day off to play !

@krusynth That was me last night, played Medieval, waterslide and Godzilla over at a friends who has ~20 tables in his house! Dedicated pinball room, living the dream :D

@johnmclear awesome! I’m meeting up with a friend who has a few tables, but we’re going to the huge secret pinball room hidden in the back of the organic grocery store! I’ll try to take pics if I remember. (I have my eye on the Medieval and Addams Family tables for someday when I have some space again!)

@krusynth Addams Family an absolute gem... Such a great play field and features.

@krusynth I'd send a pic but the buddy I was out with is like a foot taller than me and the picture of me is nothing but bald spot :D

@pburkholder you guessed it! Took the metro up and around; I’d never ridden all the way to Greenbelt before! Mostly I’m obsessed with that Addams Family table they’ve got, but quickly falling for the Godzilla one, it’s so forgiving!

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